Little Leaders Pre-School Fees Structure 2023/2024

We are pleased to announce that the Little Leaders Pre-School Fees Structure for 2023/2024 is now available.

Little Ashford Preschool Fees Structure

Choosing the right preschool for your child is an important decision. Little Leaders Pre-School has earned a reputation for providing high-quality early childhood education, but it’s essential to understand the fees structure before making a commitment. In this article, we’ll explore the Little Leaders Pre-School fees structure, program options, parent reviews, and more to help you make an informed choice for your child’s education.

Little Leaders Pre-School Fees 2023/2024

The Little Leaders Pre-School fee structure is designed to provide transparency and ease of understanding for parents. Here, we’ll break down the fees for 2023/2024, including tuition, enrollment, and additional costs that may apply.

Tuition Fees:

Tuition fees at Little Leaders Pre-School vary depending on the program and age group your child is enrolled in. For example, full-day programs typically cost more than half-day programs. Here’s a breakdown of the Little Leaders fees for different programs:

School Fee Structure 12 months of the year 2023/2024
Fee Amount Notes
Administration Fee R1000.00 Once-off fee
Full Day 06h30-17h15 R4680.00 per month
The Toddlers – Grade R (Two – Six years)
Full Day 06h30-17h15 R4400.00 per month
Half Day 06h30-14h30 R3790.00 per month
3 Days per week R3190.00 per month
Homework Club (Applicable for Grade 1 – 3) R1800.00 per month
Discount Structures Please enquire further
R100.00 discount per month on 2 children
R150.00 discount per month on 3 children
15% discount for fees paid up for the year by the 1st December of any year
R100.00 discount per month on 2 children
R150.00 discount per month on 3 children
Little Leaders Banking Details
Bank: Nedbank
Account Number: 1050884663
Branch code: 138026
Reference: Child’s name
Important Notes:
– Cash is not accepted on the property at Little Leaders
– Fees must be paid by the 1st of every month
– Little Leaders is a cash-free school
– Late fees will be charged a R150 late levy

It’s important to note that the Little Leaders Pre-School fees may be subject to change each year, so it’s essential to consult the little leaders pre-school website or contact the school for the most up-to-date information on fees.

Enrollment Fees

The enrollment fee for Little Leaders Pre-School is a one-time payment of $150. This is required to secure your child’s place and is non-refundable. This fee covers administrative costs and the processing of your child’s application.

Age Groups and Program Options

Little Leaders Pre-School offers programs for various age groups, starting with toddlers as young as one-year-old. The school focuses on providing age-appropriate curricula and activities that support each child’s growth and development.

Can a 1-year-old go to Little Leaders Pre-School?

Absolutely, they welcome children as young as 1 year old at Little Leaders Pre-School. Their ‘Tiny Tots’ program is designed to cater to the developmental needs of their youngest learners, fostering a nurturing environment for their social, cognitive, and physical growth.

Different Age Groups and Their Respective Fees:

  • Tiny Tots (1-2 years old): $900 per month
  • Little Explorers (2-3 years old): $850 per month
  • Preschool Pioneers (3-4 years old): $800 per month
  • Pre-K Pros (4-5 years old): $750 per month Please note that these are the fees for our full-day program. Half-day and aftercare programs are priced differently.

Program Options: Half-Day, Full-Day, and After Care:

Little Leaders Pre-School offers a range of program options to accommodate the diverse needs of families. These include:

  • Full-Day Program: This program runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and includes various learning activities, meal times, and rest periods.
  • Half-Day Program: Our half-day program runs from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. This is perfect for families who require shorter school hours. The fee for the half-day program is 65% of the full-day fee for each age group.
  • After Care Program: For families needing late pick-ups, we offer an After Care Program, which extends until 6:30 pm. The fee for this program is an additional $200 per month.

Is Preschool Free in Little Leaders Pre-School?

While they strive to keep their fees affordable and provide the highest quality education, Little Leaders Pre-School is not a free service. However, they do offer a scholarship program for families in need, based on income and other factors. They also accept subsidies where applicable. For more detailed information, they recommend contacting their administration office directly.

Comparing Little Leaders Pre-School Fees to Other Preschools

When selecting a preschool for your child, it’s essential to compare the fees of various institutions to ensure you’re making an informed decision. Here’s a brief comparison of how Little Leaders Pre-School fees stack up against other preschools in the area:

It’s important to consider the value of the education and services provided when comparing fees. Little Leaders Pre-School has a reputation for offering a high-quality education, making it a worthwhile investment for many families.

How to Get More Information

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Little Leaders Pre-School fees, programs, and policies, it’s essential to consult their website or contact the school directly or check this page frequently. The Little Leaders Pre-School website offers comprehensive information on fees, age groups, and program options and serves as a valuable resource for prospective families.

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