Moonstone Business School Application Status Check for 2022

The Moonstone Business School (MBSE) Application status check for the 2022/2023 academic year is stated clearly in this article, as it also contains the official link to printing your admission letter.



When you are anxious to apply to the institution of your dreams, you go straight ahead to do it on their application portal. But after the whole process, it is necessary, you meet the admission requirements so you can be sure of having a successful application into the institution. Therefore, it is also necessary you keep track of your MBSE application status after applying.

It is obvious we are in the technology era. This has made us realize that life without it would have been really hard to navigate including education. As a result of this, checking your MBSE application status for 2022/2023 can now be done easily with just an internet enabled mobile device anywhere in the world.

Therefore, the MBSE has also made it easier by enabling the Application status portal for easy admission tracking. The portal contains a database of names that has applied to the institution together with their admission status as well as a letter to it. It usually takes about 4 weeks after the closing date to get a feedback from the school as there so many applications to be attended to.

Enough of the long talk, kindly check below for the steps on how to track your application status.


As a prospect, kindly follow the instructions below carefully in order to check your MBSE application status.

NOTE: Admission Letters will be available for View on the institution’s application Portal.

To confirm whether you have been granted a chance at the university, you will require the login details that the university provides during the initial process of application. So, it is important you secure the details well because that is what will be used to track your application status.

A big congratulations to the applicants of the Moonstone Business School (MBSE) that have their application status status.

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